Behavioral Research at Darden (BRAD) Lab


The Behavioral Research at Darden (BRAD) Lab is an interdisciplinary laboratory that supports the application of behavioral science insights to business and society. Its goal is to strengthen Darden’s and UVA’s research community to leverage knowledge creation and dissemination. Affiliated faculty represent a wide range of data-driven fields including organizational behavior, marketing, business ethics, judgment and decision-making, behavioral operations, and entrepreneurship.

Unlike most behavioral labs, the BRAD Lab not only helps faculty run experimental studies but also helps drive faculty research productivity. Beyond providing a subject pool and research assistants to run empirical studies, the BRAD Lab is a platform for collaborative brainstorming, project development and for faculty to provide each other specific and important advice on working manuscripts, as well as journal revisions.

In effect, the BRAD Lab serves as a nexus of research development for behavioral science scholars in the social sciences at UVA.